Spiritual and Metaphysical Mentoring

Spiritual and Metaphysical Mentoring

Metaphysics is not religion, but is closely related to spirituality. It recognises physical and non-physical parts of existence and how they relate to our reality.

It is a branch of philosophy, that looks at the fundamental nature of reality, the seen and unseen. This includes the relationship between our mind and matter about us, between substance and the value we give it, and between what is possibile and what is actual.

Karuna as a mentor of metaphysical and Divine Knowledge

Karuna studied and practiced under the personal guidance of many divine masters in both Australia and India, and has gradually gained wisdom from over 50 years of meditative practice. The knowledge is who she is. There is nothing pretentious about her.

Karuna works with her clients to identify underlying causes of physical issues and emotional issues, so that they are able to address causes of physical, emotional and spiritual issues, to remove blocks and heal themselves.

Waterfall and rainbow
Real versus Possible
Calm hand in water
Explore beneath the surface

Mentoring with Karuna, what can you gain?

  • Access to someone who can share a lucid, first hand and insightful perspective on life and the Divine truth we all seek.
  • A companion to coach you in meditation and self-enquiry/reflection
  • Someone to discuss issues that cause confusion, that bring up uncomfortable emotions and undermine your innately joyful nature.
  • Access to practical knowledge and understanding of spiritual pathways, of mental/emotional dark lands, that we must pass through.
  • A friend to direct the mind out of darkness toward freedom and higher consciousness.
  • If you have lost faith in or never had faith in Religion, Guru’s, organisations or even family relationships, one can feel alone and disconnected; association with Karuna can help bring you back to a cantered state.

Would you like someone you can trust and respect who has no ulterior motive?  Someone with clarity, and a warmly welcoming heart? A person who is clear enough to point out the obstacles that are preventing you reaching your deeper goals, and help you to clear your path? 

Mentoring Stories

Karuna has been a divine light in my moments of darkness. She knows when to offer consoling words and when to give the hard truth. She is always loving and kind and offers uplifting spiritual wisdom that is hard to find in any person in the world today.

I am so very grateful for my connection with Karuna.

Jacquie, 39 yrs. Nambour

Karuna identified the underlying causes of my pain, emotions and anxiety that came about after experiencing a severe shock in life.

She gradually undid the web of pain and self-blame that I accepted and helped me look closer at why I blamed myself and how that was blocking my healing so that I could re-build my life.
Her guidance during the most difficult year I’ve faced was invaluable and the homeopathic remedies she prescribed were very helpful.

Karuna has so much experience; she was able to assist me to see I was not a victim.

It is not only her care but her life experience that makes her such a valuable confidant and support. She will help any true soul seeker find their inner voice and move beyond self-doubt.

S.J. Melbourne. 35 yrs

Phone Karuna on 0408 705 650 to inquire about mentoring.


Karuna's Metaphysical and Spiritual Journey

Karuna has studied with many revered Yogis in India, over many visits.

At age 13, Karuna started her inner work through Yoga, pranayama and meditation, instigating the quietening of the ever chattering mind. At 20 years old, Karuna undertook long fasts living on only water and grape juice for weeks at a time. During the time of this sacrifice (yagna) she increased her practices until a spontaneous awakening occurred that released a latent and potent spiritual energy through her heart. She was transformed and radiated love. But Karuna did not yet understand what happened.

At 22 years, Karuna travelled to India where she met her second teacher, a revered Yogi in the Himalayas. She lived with him for 2 intensive years. He guided her in the ancient methods of the sages. Karuna quickly learnt the control of mind and vital force and the tremendous benefits of humble service.

At age 24, Karuna came to her 3nd master, a famous musical saint who lived in the snowy Mountains in India. He was a strict teacher of Nada Yoga and taught her without words. Under his guidance, she spent several years hardly speaking or eating and living alone in a tin shed. Karuna communed with the Divine essence in the company of high-minded Yogis. At 27, Karuna returned to Australia and started delivering spontaneous spiritual discourses to groups of meditators sharing her deeper insights. This went on for many years. 

Karuna has returned to India 26 times to continue her inner work and slowly gain the wisdom and discernment needed to free oneself from delusion. In 2017 Karuna returned to India and received her final initiation with blessings after a supreme heart melting inner experience of dissolution in love. Karuna has received praise and countless blessings from her teachers who have encouraged her to pass on knowledge. She is still connected to her teachers, if not physically then psychically. They are from several ancient lineages of Divine masters going back through generations and merging into the eternal One.

More about Karuna

Karuna, the name, means compassion; a name given to her by one of her teachers. She is not a clairvoyant nor is she a spiritual healer. She does not rely on Chrystal’s, tarot cards or other props. Her methods are inspired by the ancient teachings of the wise sages and Yogi’s.

Karuna is a simple mother and grandmother who gained experience and insight through sincere practice and service to others. She has been tested over and again in the fire of eternal knowledge.

Our world is ever changing. We cannot easily have success meditating in caves or living alone in remote places. Many of the teachers are now corrupted, and we are used to our Western lifestyle. There is no longer need to wear robes or live in India but there are still simple and ageless methods, free from corruption, that serve us. They are better for us.

Karuna has taken the essence of all she gained and presents it in a simple acceptable way through her heart. Many call her ‘Mataji” which means mother. She prefers to develop a relationship with those she helps and thru that relationship offers loving support, without judgment like a parent or older sister.

She tells stories which captivate the mind and lift one to higher consciousness. Through pointing out obstacles Karuna helps one free themselves from the invisible chains of delusion. Her knowledge comes directly from the strength of her Spirit and is respected by her teachers. Its value in this world is immense. However most are too self-focused to notice.

Are you open to listen and learn instead of talking about yourself and problems all the time? Then the time has come.
Would you consider letting go of who you think you to discover your true essence and who you really are. This tells us the time has come.
When you long for something deeper to fulfil your heart, or when all the treasures, praise and people of this world leave you empty, know the time has come to seek spiritual support.

What happens in a mentoring session? 

1hr 15mins  $75
Discount 30% for health care card holders/financial difficulties

  • We are all individuals and at different stages of our journey. Each person requires assistance that is unique to them, but here is a rough guide.
  • An elevation of consciousness through the sharing of eternal truths.
  • Examination of common obstacles which block authentic experiences.
  • An adjustment of misunderstandings about eternal truths.
  • Practical advice and simple techniques that work.
  • Meditation and self-enquiry that lead to a state of profound peace.
  • Recognition of your Divine essence and the tremendous value of association with it.
  • Inspiration and motivation to move forward via wisdom stories.
  • Clarification of what is needed for your ongoing progress

Before starting mentoring Karuna would like to invite you for tea on her veranda or in the garden for a chat to meet each other. There is no cost involved.