Homeopathy client stories

Clients tell their stories about Homeopathy treatment with Karuna

In recent years I have undergone 4 lots of surgery to remove cancer from my body. Surgery included a nose reconstruction in 3 stages, removal of cyst from lungs and a breast removal. Karuna gave me several homeopathic medicines to take before and after surgery. I was really surprised to find I had no postoperative pain and healed quickly. The doctors and nurses could not believe it and told me off believing I was just being brave.

At another time I was suffering from depression and deeply grieving. The loneliness I felt was really debilitating but after a prescription of Pulstilla M it faded.

Karuna has been an amazing help for me by prescribing homeopathic medicines. I fully recommend her. She has dedicated herself to gain the knowledge needed over many years of application to the science of Homeopathy and has expertise in diagnosing with homeopathic medicine.

Sally Campbell. Buderim 66 yrs

Karuna has treated my daughter with homeopathy since she was a baby. Jacklyn has special needs and required ongoing help for over 15 years. Treatment has been a great success. The initial homeopathic medicines addressed Jacklyn’s anxiety and fears.  

Years on we sought Karuna’s help again to address an unusual vomiting problem and various remedies provided immense relief. We still consult with Karuna frequently. At present we are working on bed-wetting related to anxiety. I have found Homeopathy helps Jacklyn stay healthy and in balance. Karuna is very thorough and persistent.

Sue Irwin, Maleny

I originally came to Karuna to try and get off Antidepressants and the treat the accompanying anxiety. I was amazed at what the remedies did and how long lasting the good effects. I have been off antidepressants now for over 12 months and feel happy. The depression has gone, my head is clear, I am focused and feel amazing.

Karuna is wonderful

R.M, 45yrs, Peregian Beach

I went to see Karuna on recommendation of a friend due to trouble sleeping and anxiety. I found her to be patient, caring and thorough. Her Homeopathic approach not only helped with anxiety and sleep buy also resolved my other long term issues. As such I would thoroughly recommend Karuna to anyone who is looking for an effective, drug free and holistic approach to good health.

Trent Doyle, Sunshine Coast

I sought Karuna’s help when I was in a bad state both physically and emotionally. I was unsure if I would live to see the next day. Doctors medications had made it worse by adding side effects.

Karuna is the old school type of homeopath. She has many years experience behind her. I found her to be thoughtful, to listen carefully and take detailed notes of the essential facts. This resulted in accurate prescriptions and a huge improvement in my health.

I add that she is a truly spiritual person, which enhances her ability to understand her clients, mentally, emotionally and physically. I highly recommend Karuna and happily report that I am in better health than ever before. I am grateful for her excellent treatment.

Marie Louise, 73 yrs, Sippy Downs

I have been a patient of Karuna’s since 1996. During this time she has treated me for various illnesses and helped me with various depression related states. I have found her to be a first rate Classical Homeopath and also a trusted confidante for many personal matters. She is someone who can be trusted with confidential information. In addition to these skills she possesses a down to earth sense of humour and a level of spiritual wisdom and compassion essential to all schools of healing systems.

Puspa Devi
Horticultural Coordinator 
Rajasthan, India

I was so sick during my first pregnancy with constant nauseous and vomiting. At wits end I googled homeopaths and found Karuna.Thank god for her outstanding knowledge. Her diagnosis was spot on and within 2 days I finally got out of bed. The nausea and vomiting subsided. I saw Karuna through out the pregnancy and had the best birth, I am now bringing my baby to see her for natural immunisation as I know in my heart this is the saftest option for our baby.

Georgie Mckewan, Sunshine coast

Karuna has treated me with homeopathy for over 15 years. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and an all round wonderful person. She has an in depth knowledge of classical homeopathy and is naturally empathic and kind. She has given my family and I (husband and 2 daughters) significant support for emotional blockages, spider phobias, fears, physical exhaustion and flu.

When life throws up challenges (as it always will) a treatment with Karuna uplifts and shifts the problem so I can move forward again.

Lara Seresin, Port Kembla NSW