Ayurveda, a safe, reliable treatment

Ayurveda is the naturopathic science from India now practised all over the world. Ayurvedic knowledge helps us to understand our individual imbalances and constitutional make up and how to change our diet and lifestyle according to that.

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The Philosophies of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic knowledge encompasses the view of a universe, and our own bodies being composed of the 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. When all are in their individual preportions, the body is healthy; when there is an imbalance in any, this leads to disease.

The Ayurvedic perspective is that health or disease results from the interrelationship between self, personality, and everything that occurs in our mind, emotions, and spiritual self.

In this way, Ayurveda incorporates nourishing the body, soul and mind at every daily opportunity. Mindfulness, relaxation, movement, yoga, meditation, nutrition, self-nurturing are just some of the means to achieve nourishment of our entire being. 

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What does Ayurveda use for treatment?

Ayurveda has many unique herbal tonics and medicines which have proven their worth over 1000’s of years.

Ayurveda places a lot of emphasis on detoxification in the body before healing and any number of methods including herbs, reduced diet, massage or oil treatments may be incorporated in treatments as needed.

Karuna may use Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis and questions you whilst observing your nature to assess your constitutional state during consultation. This knowledge can be very helpful when there are digestive disturbances, mucus imbalances or skin conditions.

As mentioned, Ayurveda also has a deeper philosophical basis of knowledge where yoga, meditation, certain prayers and lifestyle cleansing practices may be used to help correct imbalances in body/ mind. Karuna undertook intensive yoga, meditation and other practices that reflect the Ayurvedic way, whilst living in India with yogis, and has brought many yogis and doctors of Ayurveda to Australia to teach and inspire people here. Karuna has practised yoga for 50 years, since her teenage years, and the deeper aspects of yoga since living in India as a young adult. 

Karuna also presents Ayurvedic Cooking classes, during which she explains the practical application of this Ayurveda knowledge thru diet. Its unique blend of science and philosophy to balance physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual has made Ayuveda popular worldwide.

See if Ayurveda can help you, phone Karuna on 0408 705 650 .

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