About Us

About Buderim Natural Medicine

Buderim Natural Medicine was started in 1997 by  Karuna Tohow who passionately wanted to provide people with practical and reliable help to regain equilibrium in both physical and emotional areas of health.

Buderim Natural Medicine offers services of Classical Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine (Eastern Naturopathy). These modalities cover most medical conditions and health imbalances.

Buderim Natural Medicine is able to combine treatments from each of these modalities within a single consultation. For example treatments with Bowen Therapy respond better with the added benefit of some acute homeopathic medicines. Also during homeopathic treatment diet and lifestyle are considered, which may include some Ayurvedic philosophies.

About Karuna (Carol) Tohow

Karuna has been fully trained as a Classical Homeopath and has 27 years experience helping people to get well with natural medicine. Karuna works with all ages and all conditions.

Karuna specializes in deep seated and chronic health issues including psychological imbalances including depression, anxiety attacks, anger, grief, ADHD, and chronic fatigue.

As a Classical Homeopath, Karuna is also able to treat pets, and has been doing this successfully for many years.

Karuna Tohow
Karuna studies continuously
homeopathic remedies
Remedies are custom selected
Karuna in India
Studying Ayurveda in India

Clinic & Open Hours

Buderim Natural Medicine is a family orientated clinic where long lasting and supportive relationships are developed.  As the owner of the business, Karuna Tohow has instilled traditional medical relationships that last generations.  As such, once a relationship is formed  Karuna makes sure she always has time for her regular clients.

Opening Hours

8.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Saturday


Our address is  8 Mayfield Street, Buderim 4556 QLD Australia

Appointments & Costs

Consultations are usually done face to face.  However, consultations may be done via phone, Facetime or Skype if distance is an issue. Remedies will then be posted on the same day.

Please allow us 24 hours if you wish to cancel an appointment so we can book someone else.
After the initial consultation – it is possible to do checkups over the phone in many cases if you wish.

Initial appointment are 1 and 1/2 hours, cost is $120.
Follow up appointments are 1 hour, cost is $68
Acute short consultation is up to 30 minutes, cost is $48.
Bowen treatment is $58.
Spiritual Metaphysical Mentoring Session $75, 30% discount for HCC.
Children under 13 have a reduced fee.

I accept cash, EFTPOS, direct deposit on appointment day, PayPay(+5%), and cheque.

Phone Karuna on 0408 705 650.