For those who want to protect our bee population or are allergic to foods and environment sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, Homeopathy provides some great inexpensive natural solutions.

Homeopathy does not kill insects; it deters them causing them to go elsewhere. Therefore it is a good idea to keep a weedy area to provide them an alternative.

Here are 6 Homeopathic medicines proven to give results

Sulphur 200c

  • Cleans and detoxifies plant cells.
  • Deters most insects that crawl or fly.
    e.g. Caterpillars, Cabbage butterfly, white fly and some scale insects.
  • Sulphur can also address greyish white mould on leaves, black fungal spots and revive a plant poisoned from pesticides.

Nat Sulph 30c

  • May be needed after very damp weather.
  • Addresses, Leaf curl, powdery and downy mildew, general fungal infections and greyish mould on leaves.

Carbo Veg 30c

  • Useful to revive a limp or weak plant especially when some of the foliage is brown or yellow.
  • Addresses Star shaped black spot, brown rot, plant cancer, Manila fruit rot, and damage from cold or frost.

Cuprem Met 30c

  • Will be helpful after lengthy periods of rain or cold dry winds that weaken the plant.
  • Addresses white mouldy mildew on upper sides of leaves and brown rot.

Silica 200c

  • An excellent soil and plant tonic which strengthens the plant.
  • Use for plants with stunted growth. For greyish white fungus and black fungus
  • Water it in once a week until new growth appears.

 Arnica 200c

  • Use after heavy pruning to help recover from shock.
  • Addresses all injuries to plants: e.g. after a storm or from dropping the plant.
  • Helpful when transplanting plants and roots are injured.
  • Use after hail, storms or wind have damaged plants.
  • Improves circulation of the plant.

Homeopathic garden kits with 6 x 25 ml medicines and a printed instruction sheet  cost $100.
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Method to administer garden remedies

  1. Mix 20 drops into ½ cup of water and stir vigorously
  2. Then mix this into a 10litre watering can and stir vigorously with a stick (not metal)
  3. Water the effected plant covering any damaged or effected area plus the trunk and surrounding soil.
  4. If the good effect wears off after 3 or 4 days repeat treatment.

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Karuna Tohow. Dip Hom Med, Ayur Cert, LBA Cert, BW Dip A.T.M.S