Homeopathy is helpful with nursing and breastfeeding difficulties. It often resolves problems that can make it difficult to breastfeed successfully; e.g. when mastitis appears, or painful nipples, or a slow milk supply. Breast milk is important and to give babies the optimal start in life, however there are many common and painful health issues that can put a new and exhausted mother off.

When my second daughter was only 5 weeks old I developed mastitis in one breast. It was hugely swollen, had bright red streaks and throbbed with pain. It hurt so much I could not even wear a soft bra. I tried the Dr’s advice and took antibiotics but there was no improvement. Desperate to continue breast feeding my little one, my yoga teacher suggested I try homeopathy. I was prescribed Homeopathic Belladonna 200c and within 3 days the painful swollen breast was reduced and totally back to normal.

Homeopathic medicines have no side effects and are therefore safe for our precious newborns. But one must be mindful that homeopathic medicine is not off-the-shelf medicine. Most of the time, taking a case, even a brief one, is needed. Listed below are some of the homeopathic remedies, which once you have understood how homeopathy works, help mothers get smoothly through this crucial period of their lives. Your homeopath can help prescribe and educate you in the use of simple home remedies.

  • Agnus castus– Excellent remedy for suppression of the milk accompanied with depression.
  • Belladonna 200c– For the first signs of mastitis. The mother feels hot, breast may be red and throbbing. Very intense and sudden onset with pain and extreme tenderness in the breast.
  • Bryonia 30c- Can be used when the breast is hard, swollen and hot, but pale in colour, rather than red.
  • Borax 200C – An effective remedy for thrush in newborns. Distinctive white patches on the tongue and cheeks of the body. Extremely sensitive. They will be fast asleep and then are up as soon as they are put down. Startling at the slightest sounds. Also used for a mother with postpartum depression.
  • Calcarea carbonica – Can help to stimulate milk production.
  • Causticum -Used to successfully increase breast milk in rheumatic women
  • Dulcamara- Useful when mother is chilly and under-producing milk
  • Nat mur- Useful for an oversupply of milk. When Nat Mur is indicated there is a stoic sadness or grief with little or no crying and mother may feel private.
  • Phytolacca -Can be used in mastitis for sore, cracked nipples, which hurt when the baby nurses. It is also useful for breast infections (mastitis) where there are painful lumps in the breast.

Pulsatilla -When the person is tearful and emotionally clingy. Mother may be weepy while breastfeeding and need support and company. Puls can be used if there is an over producing milk. Also used for a milk supply that is erratic.

I started my study of Homeopathy at this time by learning to prescribe Homeopathic first aid for my daughter and myself and by developing a supportive relationship with my Homeopath. This led on to taking up Homeopathy as a career.

Over the next 17 years my daughter never needed any drugs as her all health issues including a cyst on the thyroid were treated naturally and painlessly with homeopathy. It was a tremendous success.

Karuna Tohow. Dip Hom Med, Ayur Cert, LBA Cert, BW Dip A.T.M.S