We are increasingly filling our homes with electrical appliances, lighting, smart TVs, stereos, white goods, computers and mobile phones and so live in an environment flooded with electromagnetic energies.

Modern Science gives us evidence that the accumulative effect of electro-magnetic fields affect us most.

We can no longer disregard the facts if we are to maintain good health.

Electromagnetic energies affect the immune system and reduce the ability of white blood cells to protect us.

They also effect foetal development causing abnormalities and developmental problems.

They effect growth and regulation of cells, and can affect the brain and central nervous system and lead to cancers.

Some of the more common symptoms of electromagnetic stress are. Fatigue and lethargy, inability to concentrate, anxiety, hearing a buzz, high pitched vibrations, shaking and nervous agitation etc.

Often we can experience these symptoms and not be aware why.

Certain food supplements can give protection at least partly from electro-magnetic frequencies. For example, bee propolis is one such food supplement. Some Homeopathic medicines have also proven effective within 10 minutes of taking them in reducing symptoms of electromagnetic stress. These are particularly valuable for those sitting all day in front of a computer screen or spending hours on a mobile phone daily and even for flight attendants exposed to ongoing radiation on long flights.

Radiation accumulates in the body and changes the chromosomes in our cells. This potentially leads to cancers as we age and levels increase. The more diagnostic tests and procedures we undertake the more they accumulate. As children are particularly susceptible to radiation, their exposure needs to be monitored. It is important to note the main procedures that dose us with radiation are X-rays, CT scans, Mammograms, Nuclear medicine, and Fluoroscopy. Although these tests can detect early health problems they are not always necessary and can be over prescribed. Because radiation can damage genetic material, there is a growing concern about the levels we are absorbing. Ultrasounds and MRI scans fortunately do not use radiation and are therefore much safer as diagnostic procedures.

Homeopathic medicines have been proven to work when used in conjunction with radiological procedures as they reduce some of the harmful side effects.

Research done in Germany looked into the effectiveness of Homeopathic medicines in reducing or preventing radiation damage. It was found in placebo trials that homeopathically prepared Ginseng or Ruta both reduced chromosomal and cellular damage. Homeopathic Apis was effective by 50% in reducing the effects of Xrays.

Also homeopathic Xray was effective in reducing symptoms.

Certain natural foods proved helpful in reducing chromosomal damage after exposure to radiation. These are sweet potato, carrots, beetroot, apricots, spinach, kale, green tea and garlic to name a few. Sea vegetables which are commonly enjoyed in Japanese diets were shown to neutralize radioactive isotopes and are well worth including regularly in the diet for all of us.

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Karuna Tohow. Dip Hom Med, Ayur Cert, LBA Cert, BW Dip A.T.M.S