With Winter ahead colds and flus are already starting to gnaw at our heels.
Although it is normal to get at least an annual cold it is not so much the getting of the cold or flu that indicates lowered immunity but rather how long it takes us to recover and how badly it affects us.
An annual cold helps rid the body of built up toxins and through colds and flu’s children grow healthy immune systems.
But if colds and flu’s linger, persisting over several weeks and then return again and again the immune system may need some help.
Other signs of lowered immunity to watch for can be, frequent cold sores or herpes, painful or swollen glands, ongoing lowered energy and vitality etc.
If we are healthy, the immune system should deal with infections and viruses on a daily basis. To help this system both Homeopathy and Herbs provide a natural method which has no side effects and is practical. Some people have become so sensitive that they cannot take chemical drugs or even herbs and homeopathy offers them some real help. Homeopathic medicines are initially diluted and potentized to give a strength that triggers an immediate immune response which fights a diverse array of ailments. Homeopathy builds the defence system increasing white blood cells which constantly patrol the blood stream and tissue fluids in response to inflammations.
Antibiotics which are now being unwisely prescribed for colds and flu’s don’t deal with viruses which are the predominate problem. They then weaken immunity because they destroy healthy bacteria which protect us and further weaken the digestive system.
When you feel the first sign of cold or flu a timely dose or two of homeopathic Ferrum Phos can stop the onset before it has its hold on you.
Or if you have been out and exposed to the cold or wet weather and suddenly come down with inflamed sinus, fever, croup or flu Homeopathic Aconite works wonders.
Another Homeopathic Remedy is Allium Sativa 6x which can be taken as a preventative for most colds 6 drops daily for 1 week and safe for even babies.
Many people opt out for the flu shot thinking it is effective, but think again. If you build your immune system it will do the work for you.
Avoiding certain foods will also help to support a good immune system. Cut down on coffee that destroys health giving vitamins and minerals. Swap sugary foods for honey which helps immunity. Avoid coke, and fried foods. Add garlic, fresh black pepper and ginger to your soups and stews, to strengthen digestion, lungs and throat.
It may sound a bit odd but drinking a mug of hot boiled water twice daily works wonders.
When my children were little I got through the ten difficult years of childhood health problems with a good homeopathic first aid kit and they never needed antibiotics, Panadol or drugs.
But if your immune system is chronically lowered this may not be enough and the one thing I would highly recommend is a Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy.
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Karuna Tohow. Dip Hom Med, Ayur Cert, LBA Cert, BW Dip A.T.M.S