Helping Build Healthy Immunity

With winter ahead colds and flus are already starting to gnaw at out heels.

Although it is normal to get at least an annual cold it is not so much the getting of the cold or flu that indicates lowered immunity but rather how long it takes us to recover and how badly it effects us.

An annual cold helps rid the body of built up toxins and through colds and flu,s children grow healthy immune systems.

But if colds and flu,s linger, persisting over several weeks and then return again and again the immune system may need some help.

Other signs of lowered immunity to watch for can be, frequent cold sores or herpes, painfull or swollen glands, ongoing lowered energy and vitality etc.

If we are healthy, the immune system should deal with infections and viruses on a daily basis. To help this system both Homeopathy and Herbs provide a natural method which has no side effects and is practical. Some people have become so sensative that they cannot take chemical drugs or even herbs and homeopathy offers them some real help. Homeopathic medicines are initially diluted and potentized to give a strength that triggers an immediate immune response which fights a diverse array of ailments. Homeopathy builds the defence system increasing white blood cells which constantly patrol the blood stream and tissue fluids in response to inflammations.

Antibiotics which are now being unwisley prescribed for colds and flu,s donnot deal with viruses which are the predominate problem. They then weaken immunity because they destroy healthy bacterias which protect us and further weaken the digestive system.

When you feel the first sign of cold or flu a timley dose or two of homeopathic Ferr Phos can stop the onset before it has its hold on you.

Or if you have been out and exposed to the cold or wet weather and suddenly come down with inflammed sinus, fever, croup or flu Homeopathic Aconte works wonders.

Another Homeopathic Remedy is Allium Sativa 6x which can be taken as a preventative for most colds 6 drops daily for 1 week and safe for even babies.

Many people opt out for the flu shot thinking it is effective, but think again. If you build your immune system it will do the work for you..

Avoiding certain foods will also help to support a good immune system. Cut down on coffee which destroys health giving vitamins and minerals. Swap sugary foods for Honey which helps immunity. Avoid coke,and fried foods. Add garlic,  fresh black pepper and ginger to your soups and stews, to strengthen digestion, lungs and throat.

It may sound a bit odd but drinking a mug of hot boiled water twice daily works wonders.

When my children were little I got through the ten difficult years of childhood health problems with a good homeopathic first aid kit and they never needed antibiotics, panedole or drugs.

But if your immune system is chronically lowered this may not be enough and the one thing I would highly recommend is a Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy.

You are welcome to call Karuna  for any inquiry


Karuna Tohow.

Dip Hom Med, Ayur Cert, LBA Cert, BW Dip A.T.M.S

Tel 54767742 Buderim Natural Medicine.

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Hayfever, a reoccuring problem

Hayfever is caused by airborne irritants and occurs often in spring and summer but can for many be all year around. The most common allogens in hayfever are grass, tree pollens, flower pollens, mold spores and dust or but increasingly any household irritant.

Food allergies or long held grief have a part to play in aggravating  hayfever. Sometimes these also need to be addressed during the treatment of long held and chronic hayfever cases.

The body over reacts to the irritants producung histamine which draws fluid to the site of the “attack” causing swelling, itching, redness, tickling and excess mucous.

The eyes and nose are effected most but lips, ears, throat and sometime lungs are commonly involved. Repeated sneezing leads to tiredness but also can exasperate stress incontinence in hayfever.

Your nose acts as a filter and the tiny hairs and mucous lining the passages catches particles of dust and pollens etc. Hayfever is an allergic reaction to these tiny particles when the body reacts and feels it is mistakenly under attack.

Conventional medical treatments for hayfever can have disturbing side effects.  For example.

Antihistimines unfortunatly cause drowsiness in most people which increases with drinking alchole, so makes driving dangerous.

Decongestant sprays can lead to damage of the nasal membranes if used more than occasionally.

Steriod sprays do reduce inflammation but not permanently. Steriod sprays effect the blood vessels commonly causing increased permeability, and bleeding.They can cause stunted growth in small children and can be harmfull to baby in a pregnant woman. Steriod sprays also are known to increase risks of cataracts and glaucoma. Long term use of steriods is seriously warned against.

Healthier options in the treatment of Hayfever may be a great help.

The Herb Albizia, commonly known as the silk tree has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine to reduce the histamine reaction to allogens and hayfever.

Saline nasal sprays which are easy to make at home, work well for some people but not all. In other cases using certain herbal oil preparations in the nose as drops, lines the sensative mucous membranes and decreases the reaction to the allogens. This is an excellent option to nasal sprays and as a side effect increases immunity and mental focus.

Homeopathic treatments can also allieviate a wide range of symptoms related to hayfever.

Acute Homeopathic medicines are easy to take when hayfever strikes and can be safely continued throught the season to reduce itching, runny nose, sneezing and headaches. These remedies have no side effects and donnot produce tiredness. They are inexpensive and considered safe for everyone, even long term.

Deeper Homeopathic constitutional treatments do often fully stop ongoing attacks of hayfever and allergic rhinitis. They achieve this by addressing the individuals weakness and susceptabilities.

In the Homeopathic prescription only small doses of the medicines are given in a highly potentised form to stimulate a healthy immune response and allow the body to rebalance itself naturally.

The Homeopathic prescription is not based on a specific antibody or germ fighting cell but that does not mean it is not able to deal with the hayfever. Homeopathy addresses the problem on a deeper level by assisting the body to become stronger and less vulnerable to allogens whilst the symptoms are reduced and finally eradicated.

Hayfever does not need to be a life long problem.

Karuna Tohow Dip Hom Med, Ayur Cert,Dip Bow, LBA ATMS

Tel 54767742 Buderim Natural medicine



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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome also know as mucous colitis or spastic colon has increased dramatically over the past ten years. Statistic’s reveal that one in six people in USA suffer from some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The main symptoms can range anywhere from mild to severe and appear at any age.

They are intitally constipation with straining or watery diarrhoea, cramping pains in lower abdomen and often pains passing stool.

Muscular contarctions in the colon and ileum can be spasmodic and no reason for it can be detected by X rays or endoscopy.There are actually no medical tests to diagnose IBS.  The debilitating symptoms do make a person feel insecure as diarrhoea can be uncontrollable and unpredictable.

There can be a psycological basis to IBS and during times of stress the nerves connected to the bowel are more active causing an increase in sensativity in the bowel. More often a contribution to IBS are food allergies, and occasionally the symptoms are triggered  by bowel infections or parasites.

The hOmeopathic approach to irritable bowel syndrome is to strengtyhen the individuals constitutiion and reduce the susceptability. To at the same time address any psycological imbalances or reactions to stress.

Diet must also be considered. The main dietry culprits seems to be wheat products. This can also include organic wheat wholegrain wheat and spelt.. That means stopping whaet based breads, breakfast cerals and wheat pastas. Fortunatly bt demand many alternatives now exist for our convielce. Gluten free products help most people here as does reducung dairy produce.

If these are diligently replaced with healthier alternatives we mostly see within a few weeks a huge lessening of symptoms.

Herbal medicine and homeopathy both work well to reduce inflammations, pain and bowel insecurity whilst healing takes place

Please call Karuna Tohow dip hom med   54767742 if you wish to discuss your health.

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Acne …not just a surface problem.

Acne is understood to be a condition where pimples or spots appear on the skin. They can be sore to touche, burn, throb and may be pus filled.

Although acne is often a problem in adolesence it can persist into the adult years.

In teenagers and adults acne cuases a huge amount of embarrassment, self conciousness and anti social behaviour.

Acne has several causes. A common cause can be the imbalance of hormones,  common as hormone levels increase in teenage years along with increased oily sebum. A traditional medical approach for girls at least is to give the pill, but there is  a safer and healthier alternative available with homoepathy.

In adolesence the epidermis becomes clogged with dead skin cells and sebum then the sebaceous glands  become blocked and inflamed causing raised red lumps. These lumps often become pus filled. It is tempting to squeeze and pick at them which further worsens the condition and introduces bacteria. Although permanent scaring is rare from acne it does occasionally happen when skin is badly infected. A cleansing regime does help but does not solve the problem alone as the problem is a deeper imbalance which needs correcting.

Often using a homeopathic healing cream topically prevents scars, stops infection and sooths the skin whilst internally taken homeopathic medicine restores balance.

Nearlly all skin conditions including excema indicate the need to cleanse the blood. Impurities in the blood can be due to improper diet, reactions to food allergies, hormonal imbalances or suppressed emotions. Some prescription drugs and most recreational drugs also cause reactions on  skin as they introduce unnatural substances worse in the case of steriods and anti epileptic drugs.

A homeopathic appraoch to acne is on multi levels. Diet is considered as well as hormonal imbalances which can be modified naturally. Often a Homeopathic blood cleanser is given which has no side effects.This removes the stickiness, acids and impurities from the blood. As pimples can also be the result of suppressed emotions this is also looked into. We commonly see life situations where anger or hurt have caused us to swallow our emotions which  build up being unexpressed .Deeper acting Homeopathic medicines are wonderful in these cases as they help us digest our difficult life expereinces. Homeopathy treats all conditions wholistically with the understanding that our bodies donnot operate separately to our minds and emotions. Each effects the other. Respect and consideration is required to understand the whole person even in a seemingly simple case of acne. This wholistic approach is thorough and brings excellent results in restoring a healthy glowing skin to a healthy body and mind.

Karuna Tohow  07 54767742  Buderim Natural Medicine

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Respiratory infections on the rise

We have seen in recent months an increase in respiratory infections due partly to the ongoing cold weather.

Broncitis and sinus infections are on the rise causing membrane linings in airways to be come inflamed.The fluid secreted by cells lining the bronci accumulate and stagnate becoming toxic which then leads to distress and discomfort.

Symptoms can include coughing, copious yellow and green mucous, fever, wheezing and difficulty breathing, with possiblities of complication  by  Pneumonia, Emphasema or Asthma.

The symptoms of respiatory infection should ware off naturally in under ten days but it is becoming increasingly common to see symptoms continuing for  upto six weeks and later reoccuring again.

Lowered immunity and inflammed mucous membranes can become chronic and develop into a permanent state.

An early symptom to look out for of chronic infection is an ongoing cough in the morning with accompanying wheezing and breathllessness.

Unfortunatly antibiotics donnot offer much help as the condition is almost without exception virally based.

The use of bronchodilators may bring some relief but not a cure. Due to their side effects they are not always an ideal solution for long term use.One should consider less damaging treatments intitally. By reducung the intake of cold foods, cold drinks as well as dairy produce the body is assisted in regaining its equilibrian.

If the symptoms continue over 10 days Homeopathic medicines are a good solution to rebuild immunity and clear chest and sinus.

Homeopathy has several deep acting medicines which strenghten the lungs and  dry out mucous. Because Homeopathy is  a  medical science we can rely on the Homeopathic prescription which takes into consideration all the individuals symptoms without need of  concern for any side effects.

To help eradicate phlegma inhaling steam is a time honoured method which we sometimes forget to put to good  use.When steam is not enough to relieve the sinus and chest the use of ANU TIL which is a nasal oil containing 36 herbs, works as a panacea. Anu til dissolves the toxic mucous and prevents or reverses the inflammatory process by protecting the mucous membranes with each inhaled breathe.This natural oil is gentle and safe and even works well along with homeopathy in stubborn cases of pneumonia. After the long term use of nasal sprays, toxic mucous tends to dry and adhere inside sinuses causing inflammation. Anu til works well to soften then dissolve and bring it out.

If you wish to enquire further you are welcome to call karuna.

Karuna Tohow dip hom med, Ayur cert, LBA cert, Bow dip  AYMS

Ph 54767742  Buderim Natural Medicine

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