Live Blood Analysis

Normal Blood

Normal Blood

Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is a microscopic examination of living blood cells and their elements.

This procedure is done on the spot with only a finger prick of live blood. It is non invasive. You will be able to see for yourself and have explained to you, what is in your blood and how that effects your present and future health. This is to empower you to make the changes needed in lifestyle, diet and medication to prevent a more serious situation effecting your health.

The blood nourishes every cell in the body and transports all the nutrients, solutes and oxygen. If the blood is not able to do its job well for many reasons the whole body will suffer and eventually become diseased.

By monitoring the blood you can effectively see the good result of taking natural medicines, vitamins, and suppliments as well as the negative effects of drugs, smoking, bad dietry habits and alcohol. There will be no doubt in your mind of the effectivness of a sensible lifestyle programme.

Indicating Weakend Liver and Poor Digestion

Microscope used in clinic It is possible through Llive Blood Analysis to detect missed or mysterious disorders that may not have been obvious through other medical tests it can verify facts for your practitioner and for yourself.

Consultation Fee: $70 for 1hr Conditions commonly seen in Live Blood Analysis

Allergies, Amenias, Bowel toxicity, Bacterial infections, Viral infections, Low immunity, Cholesterol problems, Yeast infections, Liver stress, Leaky gut syndrome, Parasites, Toxic metals, Kidney troubles, acid imbalance, the effects of free radicals, lack of vitamins, and many chronic disease patterns.