Ayurveda is the naturopathic Science from India now practised all over the world.Ayurvedic knowledge helps us to understand our individual imbalances and constitutional make up and how to change our diet and lifestyle according to that. Ayurveda has many unique herbal tonics and medicines which have proven their worthiness over 1000’s of years.

Karuna may use Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis and questions you whilst observing your nature to assess your constitutional beeing during consultation. This knowledge can be very helpful when there are digestive disturbances, mucus imbalances or skin conditions.

Ayurveda also has a deeper philosophical basis of knowledge where yoga, meditation, certian preyers and lifestyle cleansing practices may be used to help correct imbalances in body/ mind. karuna has undertaken these intensive yoga, meditation and practices whilst living in India: Ayurveda places a lot of emphasis on detoxification in the body before healing and any number of methods including herbs,reduced diet, massage or oil treatments may be incorporated in treatments.

Ayurvedic knowledge encompassed the view of an universe and our own bodies being composed of elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and either all in their individual preportions and an imbalance in any can lead to disease. During the Ayuvedic Cooking class Karuna will explain the practical application of this knowledge thru diet. It’s unique blend of science and philosophy to balance physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual has made Ayuveda popular worldwide.