Why Analysis Live Blood?



Why analysis Live Blood?


Live Blood Analysis which has been around for decades, it is a microscopic examination of living blood cells and elements in the blood. It differs from a conventional blood test as it is time intensive and looks at the live blood instead of dead cells.

This method of examination is valuable to assess the health status of a patient when answers don,t add up through other methods, and diagnosis is difficult.

Live blood analysis is made using only a pin prick of blood and examined under a special dark field microscope, which many Naturopaths and Homeopaths are trained to do.

The images of your blood are then projected onto a screen so that you can see for yourself the changes to normal cells taking place.

It has been found useful in understanding the underlying causes of ill health before developing a chronic condition, and in choosing the correct natural medicine to reverse symptoms without side effects.

Once treatment has been received future live blood analysis can confirm the effectivness along with a greater sense of well being. Through LBA we observe the size, shape and ration of red and white cells as well as the platelets. Disease depends upon imbalances in body fluids and PH as well as healthy cells.

It is clear to see the effects of bad diet and lifestyle upon body organs by observing live blood.Also early warning signs are noted for arthritis, allergies and even more serious conditions.

Chemicals and pest asides show up in the blood and their effect becomes obvious so that we can start to reverse the damages done.

Irritable bowel syndrome can be detected early to prevent it escalating to the severe stage.

If you feel unwell and have not been able to pin down why, live blood analysis most likely could give you some answers

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