Homeopathy and Science


Homeopathy is based on Nanoparticles…

Scientific proof by Electron microscope.


Scientists from the Indian  Institute of Technology, Bombay have in recent years established that Homeopathy works on the principle of  organic nano particles. These particles are naturally occurring and should not be confused with the manufactured nano,s  that are being used today in food, cosmetics and industry, which are the cause some public concern.

Homeopathic medicines made from metals such as gold and zinc etc have been proven by observation under electron microscope to retain their potency and particles of base substances, even when diluted to a nanometer or one billionth of a meter.

IIT,s chemical engineering department prepared highly diluted solutions of homeopathic minerals, examined them and found  the nano particles of the original metals.

Although Homeopathy is widely popular in many countries including Britain and Australia, the British Medical Association have  recently started questioning its potency. British research papers have indicated their conclusion, that homeopathy is a mere “placebo”. Due to the research of IIT Bombay, the truth about homeopathy has been proven,  that which homeopaths have always understood.

Homeopathy has been perplexing for modern medicine for 100s of years because  the medicines become more potent when they are diluted. This could not be previously  explained to the satisfaction of modern science, but homeopaths are and have still been able to achieve successful outcomes in tough medical conditions using these highly diluted medicines. The nano particles observed seem to be the powering agent in the effectiveness of  these dilutes. There are many  advantages of  these  diluted Homeopathic medicines.  Their total lack of toxicity, their lack of side effects and that they are non addictive.Homeopathic s act rapidly and start working to reduce symptoms within 20 minuets of being administered.

It was Doctor Sammuel Haennaman who first developed Homeopathy as a functioning medical science, and it has been successfully addressing health problems for over 200years. Homeopathy treats most physical health problems  but due to the highly refined and subtle composition, it has proven effective in treating psychological and emotional imbalances as well. Depression and anxiety are two imbalances that respond  well to homeopathy without suppression or dulling of the mind.

These days with the over prescribing of antibiotics, antidepressants and tranquilizers, we increasingly see  bacterial infections,viral infections and psychological problems that no longer respond  to drug treatments. Modern medicine now needs new drugs or new methods to address these problems. We must contemplate for ourselves if drugs are  the answer for our selves and our families if there are healthier options..

We  can end up feeling frustrated and not know where to turn for help.

In my  clinic I  am seeing an increasing number of clients who have allergies which do not even allow them to take medicines as the side effects are worse than the disease. They need to also be careful of  synthetic vitamins, let alone drugs. For these people Homeopathy is the last refuge, and often provides  natural, simple solutions.

As a professional Homeopath, working in clinic for 22 years, I have seen  difficult cases of all kinds respond to homeopathic s, often when people have exhausted all other options.

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