Depression and Anxiety

Homeopathy brings relief for Depression and Anxiety

Homeopathy has scores of medicines that treat depression and anxiety and has done so successfully for hundreds of years.

Depression has become alarmingly common place in our society. It appears as a variety of negative thoughts and feelings ranging from just being down to hopelessness and at worst suicidal despair.

Grief and sadness are normal after loss of a loved one or a similar  disappointing life event, but it is considered to be depression  when the emotions don not lift after months rather than weeks. More often an imbalance within the mind is the cause of depression due to life denying attitudes and fixed ideas. These attitudes lead to a sense of persecution with accompanying fears and loneliness

Depression can be any combination of these feelings…excessive desire to sleep, lack of energy, loss of interest and joy for life, isolating tendencies, lack of social interest, self criticism and negativity, reoccurring thoughts of death and suicide.

Depression can also follow pregnancy and birth, viral illness, and allergies. It is common amongst the elderly and after suffering abusive  circumstances in life.. It often develops when emotions, like anger are suppressed.

What ever the cause, Homeopathic medicine in most cases and when well prescribed to match the individual, will relieve the symptoms. Treatment is not ongoing and is often for months not years.The Homeopathic medicines are compatible  with anti depressants, which can be slowly reduced as the person feels comfortable to do so, and often with the assistance of the doctor.

Homeopathic treatments generally restore the joy of life, sense of well being and increase energy levels within several consultations.

Homeopathic medicines are deep acting, free from unpleasant side effects and are not habit forming.They are absolutely safe for young children. elderly and pregnant women.

Although there is a huge amount of misunderstanding about Homeopathy,it is still the best and safest alternative to drugs in emotional and psychological imbalances of all kinds. Homeopathy as a system of medicine was developed by a European Doctor over 200 years ago and has grown in knowledge and reliability ever since.

Anxiety and panic attacks are also on the rise and very easily respond to Homeopathic treatment. Anxiety and panic disorder are both emotional and physical in nature. Apprehension,worry and fears can be present along with increased pulse rate, heart palpitations, hyperventilation and clamminess.. In some people the symptoms of anxiety become so severe that they mimic a heart attack.

Anxiety is normal as a reaction to a threatening situation but if it becomes a permanent state where almost everything feels threatening then it may be time to seek professional help.  Anxiety can take control of our life if not addressed. And seems to escalate as we grow older. It appears as a variety of fears,eg Claustrophobia which is acute anxiety about being in a confined space…agoraphobia which is extreme anxiety attached to being in public or crowded places or Hypochondria which is obsessive anxiety about the workings of ones own body, which often leads to buying lots of medicines. Anxiety often presents itself as Chronic insecurity and effects our ability to form satisfactory relationships. Which ever type of anxiety, Homeopathy has a large range  of medicines to address the imbalance as well as acute remedies which are easy to carry in a pocket and take when needed. The deeper acting long term  Homeopathic medicines address the causes of the anxiety and rapidly bring balance to both body and mind. There is often no need to continue drugs. Once emotional and mental balance is achieved Homeopathic treatment may not need to be continued.

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