Acne …not just a surface problem.

Acne is understood to be a condition where pimples or spots appear on the skin. They can be sore to touche, burn, throb and may be pus filled.

Although acne is often a problem in adolesence it can persist into the adult years.

In teenagers and adults acne cuases a huge amount of embarrassment, self conciousness and anti social behaviour.

Acne has several causes. A common cause can be the imbalance of hormones,  common as hormone levels increase in teenage years along with increased oily sebum. A traditional medical approach for girls at least is to give the pill, but there is  a safer and healthier alternative available with homoepathy.

In adolesence the epidermis becomes clogged with dead skin cells and sebum then the sebaceous glands  become blocked and inflamed causing raised red lumps. These lumps often become pus filled. It is tempting to squeeze and pick at them which further worsens the condition and introduces bacteria. Although permanent scaring is rare from acne it does occasionally happen when skin is badly infected. A cleansing regime does help but does not solve the problem alone as the problem is a deeper imbalance which needs correcting.

Often using a homeopathic healing cream topically prevents scars, stops infection and sooths the skin whilst internally taken homeopathic medicine restores balance.

Nearlly all skin conditions including excema indicate the need to cleanse the blood. Impurities in the blood can be due to improper diet, reactions to food allergies, hormonal imbalances or suppressed emotions. Some prescription drugs and most recreational drugs also cause reactions on  skin as they introduce unnatural substances worse in the case of steriods and anti epileptic drugs.

A homeopathic appraoch to acne is on multi levels. Diet is considered as well as hormonal imbalances which can be modified naturally. Often a Homeopathic blood cleanser is given which has no side effects.This removes the stickiness, acids and impurities from the blood. As pimples can also be the result of suppressed emotions this is also looked into. We commonly see life situations where anger or hurt have caused us to swallow our emotions which  build up being unexpressed .Deeper acting Homeopathic medicines are wonderful in these cases as they help us digest our difficult life expereinces. Homeopathy treats all conditions wholistically with the understanding that our bodies donnot operate separately to our minds and emotions. Each effects the other. Respect and consideration is required to understand the whole person even in a seemingly simple case of acne. This wholistic approach is thorough and brings excellent results in restoring a healthy glowing skin to a healthy body and mind.

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